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Idli has always been the favorite breakfast cuisine for south Indians. When one thinks of any South Indian occasion, idli is the first dish that comes to mind. This lip-smacking delicacy dates back between 800-1200 CE, where some believe it originated from Indonesia and some believe it was from India.

Ideli Dhaba, from Seematti, is one of a kind restaurant serving varieties of idlis and other delicacies. Born out of a love for food, we are an exclusive joint for idlis, mocktails, hot beverages, and other Indian cuisines. Our cuisines are prepared preserving the authentic South Indian taste using premium quality natural ingredients and spices as well as the extremely unique method of preparation.


To bring back the authentic cuisines of South India.


Food is as important as air and water for one to survive. We aim to provide the best tasty food for our customers, prepared using premium spices and Ingredients, at affordable prices.


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