The Batter Breakfast

Batter breakfast is widely known in Southern India and there are many varieties of it. Out of all, idli and dosa rank first. The soft fluffy idlis and hot steamy sambar are all you need to kickstart your day. It is considered an idle breakfast as it provides energy and is never so heavy to have. This easy-to-cook breakfast found its place all over India within no time. Some believe that idlis originated in Karnataka but some claim it to be from Tamil Nadu. There are many other speculations about their origin as Indonesian cuisine. Regardless of its origin, the idli has inspired many and has been passed over the centuries. From the huge, plate-size idlis, to ‘mini’ idlis, to podi idlis and various other varieties, this versatile dish is unarguably the best breakfast treat.

These batter breakfasts can be easily made at home. They are made using fermented rice and urad dal batter. Protein-rich dal and rice are soaked, grounded, fermented, and steamed to prepare soft idlis. The unique method of preparation makes them easily digestible and the healthiest as the technique used enhances the bioavailability of the nutrients in urad dal and rice. This property of idli makes them suitable for all age groups, from infants to old people or even people with medical conditions.

A breakfast that is healthy and tasty is exactly what one wants to start their day. When breakfast is done right, then the rest of the day follows a happy, productive, and energetic pattern. And that’s the reason why ‘batter breakfast’ is the better breakfast.